Saturday, April 7, 2007

''ADDICTION'' -- What Is It?


---''I first met Ricky, in a tree, at The Bette Ford clinic. We had both, tried and NOT made it, a number of times. Ricky said something on CHLOES BLOG, that the Producers thought was very significant. If you would repeat it, Ricky.''

---RICKY: ''I basically spoke of the fact that addiction has two parts to it. There is the substance that one gets hooked on...and the reason that one gets hooked in the first place. One tries to fill the emptiness he feels (that will only be filled by love, not a substance) and becomes addicted to the substance he is using trying to fill that empty feeling. He uses more and more each time to achieve what occurred the first time he used it. That first experience distracted him enough where he thought his problems were being solved. They weren't but, it seemed to do the trick. THE DOWNSIDE IS HUGE! - IT'S ADDICTION! It is just another false promise. It is not an easy road, at times...but, when you turn that corner and realize you're on the way to will be very glad! Bless you all!''
---''No Problem, Chloe. What I said was - the reason ANYON                   
---Those were bad times, AS YOU KNOW, Ricky. Let me bring some of the other panel guests,, into it.''

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