Saturday, April 7, 2007



---Hi Neighbor. Guess Who Is Back? For you who have missed our first show, THOUGH, according to My Producers, NOT many did. My name is CHLOE. CHLOE The CAT, actually, but I usually only use CHLOE. The first show went so well, that my producers had the brilliant idea to bring me back. We came up with a concept, so here I am.
---They have asked me to talk about ADDICTION. It is a matter of public record and no secret, that for awhile The Old Chlo-ster was fighting with her addiction to ''Catnip'' I have been off the ''NIP'' for over 7 months. I feel good and my old PURR is ''up-to-snuff.'' I'm so glad that I'm on this side of my addiction. It was NO fun, needing all-the-time.
---To help me tonight, I have a guest panel. They have all done their share of Jonesing in-the-day. This subject may get a little ''brisk'' for the kittens, and the like, but it may scare-them-straight. You just don't know. It is a live show, so, if you hear some words that belong in the litter-box, don't say you weren't warned. Some of my guests have real potty mouths, when they get going.
---Enough of the disclaimer and ON WITH THE SHOW.

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