Wednesday, April 4, 2007


---''As I was saying, I started using because everyone was laughing at me. I felt really low and NOT very good about who I was. I hit ROCK BOTTOM. I only had up to go. I had to choose, and I needed lots of help. I HAD TO STOP. It was either that, or continue suffering.''
---''I know what you mean about the suffering. You're darned if you do and darned if you don't..''
---''I would SUFFER each day, until I got what I needed. I had to take a lot of what I needed, to even make a ''dent'' in the wanting. I was HOOKED, Hook, Line and Sinker. I didn't know which way was up, anymore.''
---'You didn't know what you were doing?
---''NOT, REALLY. The ADDICTION doesn't care if you are Green, Red or Have black-and-white stripes. It will get you, if you let it. It will get you if you are using and NOT facing-up, to things. You are an accident, waiting to happen. And, it HAPPENS.''
---''The accident happens. You were lucky to survive it.
---''I'm glad I learned it is OKAY, To Be Me. It is alright to be Wally, NO matter - what I am. It is more important to be - Who I Am, than to Hide''
---''Now, you sound like, ''You-Know-Who.''
---'' His GOOD STUFF, made sense to me.''

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