Saturday, April 7, 2007


---''You're up, Wally.''
---''I like the ''feel good'' stuff for one and only one reason - it makes me feel good. You might as well feel good. I feel [bleepy] most of the time. There is only one and one problem. It doesn't last. It ALWAYS wears off.''
---''What made you use the stuff in the first place?''

---''I was always a little different. I NEVER looked like the rest of the herd. Most are of one and only one color, basically. You may have noticed, Miss CAT, that I am two-toned. I am black-and-white, like a Zebra. What's that about, anyway? My father was a Zebra, with ''many'' horns, if you catch my meaning.''
---''I think we all feel we are different from our peers. I don't think that that is a new feeling. By the way, you can call me Chloe.We have come a long way from the 'Elephant-man' mind-set. It seems it would be good to be a little different.''

---''A little different, maybe, but look at me. I didn't fit-in with the others. I stood out. At school, work or the gym, it didn't matter. There was NO way to hide the way I look. All the rest made fun of me. they were merciless. I started to take whatever was available. I would NUMB myself, so I wouldn't hear them laugh.''
---''We are going to let Wally finish his remarkable, recovery story, later on. We will tell you this. He DID overcome his feelings of being different. We are just going to build the suspense a bit more.''CHLOE.

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